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0.84a	2020-06-14

	Fixed fix from 0.82 quoting breaking redir (caused a 404 because
	?file= was escaped)

0.83a	2020-04-17

	PHDirChannel checks for .header file corresponding to every mp3 file
	and includes those under the episode's <item>.

	generate_feed() now doesn't export <podhoarder:local_path> to prevent

0.82a	2020-04-10

	Bugfix special! Because I'm actually using features I had implemented
	on a new machine for the first time and it's crawling.

	First-run problems fixed, graceful handling of empty cache.
	Permissions fixed.

	Folder album art correctly located if it's within the cache-dir.

	Cache is not used if PHDirChannel is within cache.

	Finally encodes URLs with %-quotes

0.80a	2020-04-05

	Default cover image added, and PHDirChannel now uses folder.jpg/png
	automatically as cover art.

	PHDirChannel gets channel <description> from .description file

	PHDirChannel uses header.xml to inject additional header tags into

	So you can now host podcasts automatically from a directory!

0.70a	2019-09-01

	Podcast cover images are now cached as well (why is it not working on

	PHDirChannel feed generation changed

	podhoarder:preprocess config option added to integrate better with

	Hoarded paths are now titled only using feed_url (since titles can

0.66a	2019-08-29

	PHDirChannel now checks for .description files (generated by

0.65a	2019-08-25

	Can now add directories using file:///path/to/whatever!

	Added PHDirChannel and libph/, changed some stuff around

	Bug fix: Feed URLs in were wrong (now use clean_path)

0.60a	2019-08-12 added to configure podhoarder interactively

	pause per-channel flag added, to pause malformed podcasts temporarily

	postprocess_async_time is now 25 by default, because PHP-FPM's is 30
	by default

	ph_redir now refreshes with HTTP 302 instead of 503 if post-processing
	is incomplete.

0.55a	2019-08-03

	Handles RSS feed errors gracefully, etree.ParseError added in

0.54a	2019-07-28

	Bug-fix in generate_feed() trying to use hdr before it was assigned

0.53a	2019-07-25

	Bug fix in where post-process map was generated only for
	updated feeds 

	Tweaked agc to be a bit more aggressive (TCGTE was still sounding too
	soft in the car)

0.52a	2019-07-24

	Setting postprocess_cache_size implemented, ph_redir.php now keeps the
	cache directory below this size in bytes (default -1 means ignore)

	fixed init_config not overwriting ph_redir.php because of ownership

	generate_feed() doesn't copy over <itunes:new-feed-url> because
	Podcast Addict was redirecting to that feed instead. Also skipping
	<atom:link rel="self"> for the same reason

0.50a	2019-07-22

	On-demand post-processing implemented! Format of postprocess tag has

	Added ph_redir.php to handle server-side cache management.

	init_config now sets permissions too

	agc post-process added

0.45a	2019-07-21

	Fixed feed showing remote URL. Other bug fixes and tests with

0.44.1a	2019-07-21

	Radiolab null enclosure fix while generating feed

0.44a	2019-07-21

	Failed downloads are flagged as such now, and can be retried at any
	time with the retry_failed_downloads per-channel or global option.

	Fixed bug for multiple files (doh)

	Fixed feed_cache saving local paths instead of remote URL to

0.43a	2019-07-20

	Yah same day, sue me. Added 'title_postfix' option for regenerated

0.42a	2019-07-20

	Radiolab 'Truth Tolls' fix - failed episode download will be handled

	save_cache() now creates parent directory

	strips() episode titles while displaying and processing, fixes some visual bugs

0.40a	2019-07-18

	Added, progress-bar now checks console width (minimum 57

0.37a	2019-07-16

	Added timestamp update, and

0.35a	2019-07-09

	Realized I have no idea how I'm numbering versions
	Changed config file to be ~/.podhoarder.xml now allows you to enter '~' filenames

0.31a	2019-07-05

	In the course of which fixed a bunch of bugs on and
	(mainly unhandled situations when config is not inited, or file doesn't exist)

0.3a	2019-07-04

	Post-processing implemeneted (postprocess tag)
	PHConfig.get() now returns None on not found
	PHLogger.progress_bar functions made (a bit?) more elegant

0.2a	2019-07-02

	Core functionality works
		- Downloading
		- Feed generation
		- De-duplication of existing files in case of interruption
		- Cache loading, saving
	Moved to fossil, project wiki has TODOs and info

0.1a	2019-06-2?

	Initial version, faffing around doing the thangs

podhoarder-0.84a.tgz (latest)

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Updated 2020-06-14
S 0480badec49b594c460a887f9e14b93cee89280c3fbb37f6ae2bb4d1877ce46e
M 6a25dcc6ba5c5f93dbbbe42f3bbcd4e3


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Updated 2020-04-17
S 56d8e61353f75367ee54611187537c6202b8c73f3083e80dc7df7d5c5a7ce38a
M 887887549c6becad826132e5c42ab8ca


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Updated 2020-04-10
S e14ad9138563fcfa4afd6b6b8783e8ff01b321594969c1a7648d7898855d83f5
M a62fe00c0ab5c05a87813ca4068ef6a7


Download (62.00 KiB)
Updated 2020-04-09
S fe3b1a883fba2114ad0a3da0ebb09a896add743880e99b2dcbc597ff31d741c8
M 6028848532ea238b485b58e2e4d9e05d


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Updated 2019-09-01
S 942dfb0e01f0aca1610667c684710abef50a634e6e45e4d9d03ebf5ce1c2230c
M a194e23635ba9203aa3bb962465cfa7b


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Updated 2019-08-12
S db1c9681a9d07f56c7d7eba1363e87849b732ff97bdee521ac5c838b60b9a11a
M 6160c7692d0d80feaaa3aecde33eaf8f


Download (20.00 KiB)
Updated 2019-08-04
S f29cfb8e1082d1938bc31ea453b2d78f97307f76993ceecf8d3406689ba8fe5a
M 9959628e31bc0bbd46b0c94fab6acd4b


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Updated 2019-07-28
S 0c8c8810c5583cf9ed78f3773f45d381eadd1a90cbb2dd2b7b124c0432e8483a
M 1dee3783d83266525439306d8a87d0fe


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Updated 2019-07-25
S 7f2be35a865bbe7b84f798157e25bfcdaa1359812687e96ae2ad40c249db078d
M d67086fd51f403946a14dfdd9eba4d15


Download (19.08 KiB)
Updated 2019-07-24
S c8f508d070a5064cb4395d48885a09684f1682e88d937a5cf783cf5d9291265c
M 1b553bdc53bdbb9216b8f5c9d8c59a86


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Updated 2019-07-21
S 8465f4a40fd431f097e0ff79499ae2de7ab6f5b98bdaecba9cbe02d8ea187f38
M 5ee87ba28299434b3dc77eb4d1662098


Download (14.04 KiB)
Updated 2019-07-21
S 93220d031995db6e620d6331ed2614a19bb5b43af27ff785ab24eb64b10c3f85
M 38be26388f2fa35e4ebf964f124717f6


Download (14.00 KiB)
Updated 2019-07-20
S f22ae6f09c5ffb94ac99011af6d9a04d051c79e747f175ddf18384a98e2ecf94
M 83607b7730f5651a226e513f2a2d733c


Download (13.08 KiB)
Updated 2019-07-20
S 82746c42650515e99cc61d308064f10f37dc540dbe0c66e4053e874c7b4f2b8f
M c5028fcc480f261fda1cb71d0b33a92f


Download (13.05 KiB)
Updated 2019-07-18
S 545b8f610f7f2b67ae72813e6d025164638767c6500da03a7c48e79d74b2c6de
M 3a94503a18a113520294b1abeda32220