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- 0.4.1b    2016/04/03
 Fixed bug with long filenames throwing errors (base64 was adding a newline)

- 0.4.0b    2016/03/28
 Move to beta
 Config is now stored externally
 Environment sanity-check
 Config file generation (-G option)

- 0.3.1a    2016/03/20
 Fixed newline being added to filename in FastGlacier metadata
 Default chunk size is now 16 MiB
 MIT Licensing

- 0.3.0a    2016/03/17
 Added FastGlacier compatible metadata
 Added command-line options to change parameters without editing file

- 0.1.x - 0.2.x

upload-glacier-0.4.1b.tgz (latest)

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Updated 2016-04-03
S 114e34b063de9d2fae70a4533b18e317c4cb881b37af9e5fa70cef4c5afc5227
M 5eea55cbea84c1dd85086ffbb8699c27


Download (14.08 KiB)
Updated 2016-03-29
S e91b741951a1f7517a91b7e68292e29e6d05adad80f8bf08d0c80965238f6d0b
M a16faf57a155924b5818d81211519894