Antibirth FAQ

Are you completing the Antibirth OST?

Yes, it is now (on 2021-05-28) AB+ complete. I'm going to play Repentance and then I'll make new music for those floors. Bear with me please :)

You'll have to install a mod to use it, there are two mods that I'm aware of now:

All additional music will be added to the Bandcamp album at no cost. Not possible on Spotify/iTunes etc unfortunately so there they will be Antibirth OST Vol. 3 etc. Ugh.

Update: It's been added to the Bandcamp album Waiting on Distrokid to populate the streaming things.

What about console players?

I'm sorry :( If there's anyway to add it in, please let me know.

Did you ask Edmund to include the OST as a toggle?

I haven't, because I think it's his call; if he wanted to he would have asked. Other people have checked with him and he's not interested.

So please don't ask him about it again. :)

How do you feel about your music not being in Repentance?

I'm totally fine with it. I'm super happy the team got picked up because they do fantastic work and are all cool people. Of course I was a little sad initially but that's long gone. There was never any bitterness or hostility.

Do you make music otherwise?

Yes, I do, I've been making music for ads, events and movies for many many years now (I started part-time while I was in college).

Where can I find your other music?

I'll try to keep this page up-to-date.

What software/instruments do you use to make music?

Okay (deep breath cos I love this shit).


Mainly Cubase Pro (currently at 9.5) but I also use Reaper and am also making new stuff with Ableton Live/Push2 now. I think the software you use changes how you approach stuff so I like to try new things.

I use a lot of Native Instruments libraries and synths! Most of the Antibirth soundtrack uses Battery for drums. There's also a lot of OrangeTree Samples stuff. For synths - NI Massive is a big one, also Reaktor Photone which is sadly no more, but was one of my favorites. EastWest for orchestral stuff.

Effects: iZotope Trash2 is all over the OST, I also use Ozone a lot. NI Guitar Rig. Valhalla Reverbs, Waves RVerb, IR-1. Soundtoys.

Other recommendations, although not extensively used on Antibirth:

  • Embertone is lovely. A bit rough sometimes but sounds very organic.
  • MSoundFactory is the ultimate synth, it's modular and you can build any synth you want if you know what you're doing.
  • Arturia's Pigments has now replaced Massive as my go-to synth.
  • u-he's Zebra2 and DZ
  • Surge is a kick-ass synth that could easily be a commercial product. Use it.

All said, this is stuff I've built up over years, and if you can't afford it, the free stuff that's around right now is really good.


My PC while making a majority of Antibirth was an i7-4770k with 32 GiB of RAM, in a silent case. Served me well for years. I've now switched to a Ryzen laptop - a 4800h HP Omen with 64 GiB of RAM.

Signals: RME Babyface (OG), Soundcraft Signature 12MTK, Soundcraft UI24R. JBL LSR 308s, KRK Rokit 5. Mic'd through a Sennheiser MK4, Rode NTG1, Rode M1 for the most part.

Roland A500-PRO MIDI controller

I got a Yamaha MODX last year and love the hands-on feel of making music without a computer. I've used an Epiphone studio-something and blue Yamaha bass to make some of the guitar sounds.

I'm a crap guitar player so I don't really know.

Do you have a Patreon?

Not at the moment, I don't know if I'll be able to commit to a fulltime Patreon, and until I'm sure about that I'd rather not start one.

But thank you very much for asking! If you want to support me, buy my music on Bandcamp or stream on whatever streaming service you prefer.

Can I use your music for xxx

If it's non-commercial and not a game, please go ahead. Attribution and a link to my Bandcamp would be great!

If it's a game, even if it's non-commercial, please ask so I can see how I feel about it.

Will there be layers?

I hope to add layers later, but I don't want to worry about that at this point, my first priority is to finish the music for all floors.